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Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management with
Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Business Challenges

100% Traceability for Business Owners/Retailers/Distributors/Stockists

When was the last time you spent hours hastily searching for the stocks in your inventory? Stop searching it now and instead use Barcode Inventory Management software customised and designed exclusively for the businesses in Maldives. Your inventory will be safe around in the warehouse and our platform will help you to trace your inventory on a real time basis.

100% Accuracy, Elimination of Manual Efforts

As a retailer, you would want to know the exact level of stocks lying in your inventory so as to internally manage the calculations and budgets well. Since no manual efforts are needed now, the Barcode Inventory Management platform will allow for 100% accuracy in displaying the stock levels. Many Retailers fail to understand the importance of the accuracy of the stock levels which drives them to either over buy or under buy the raw materials, ready stock, etc. and subsequently, face the never-ending problems.

Reduce Costs, Increase Profitability

When you have tons of inventories lying in your warehouse, you would want to know the status of inventory levels. Significant number of stockists, retailers and distributors are facing acute problems related to the wastage of the items in the warehouse due to storage issues. Inventory management platform will help you lower your storage costs by ordering right quantity of items. This reduces storage costs and helps you determine the ideal time to reorder product, so you don’t have to pay more than necessary for storage.

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Supply Chain Management is a headache for many companies and involves more than just planning and logistics! To drive greater efficiencies in their everyday operations, today’s businesses in Maldives need to use simple and robust technologies to get a better overview of increasingly extended supply chains. For this, formerly known as Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations – Dynamics 365 SCM – Microsoft ERP provides a single source of business intelligence and uses predictive insights and intelligence, production, stock, warehouse, and transportation management to maximise operational efficiency, product quality, and profitability.

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WMS Integration with Dynamics 365 (SCM)

The Warehouse management module in Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management ERP lets you manage warehouse processes in manufacturing, distribution, and retail companies. This module has a wide range of features to support the warehouse facility at an optimal level, at any time. Warehouse management is fully integrated within SCM with other business processes such as transportation, manufacturing, quality control, purchase, transfer, sales, and returns.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Data integration is the process of extracting accurate data and information from multiple sources and unifying them so your team members can access it to drive operations faster.

Yes, it is!  This is possible by integrating your company’s data by using TIBCO Cloud Integration and KingswaySoft. 

Yes, our biggest project till date has been for Retail client Sonee Hardware in Maldives and Fast Track Mobility in U.S.

Well, established in the year 2012, CloudFronts is a Microsoft Certified Gold partner based in Mumbai with offices in Singapore and the United States. We offer complete Dynamics 365 (CRM, ERP, Finance, Supply Chain and Business Central) implementations. We have delivered around 300+ Dynamics 365 projects across the Maldives, Europe, Australia and the US and in several sectors like Professional Services, Financial Services, Retail, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Automotive and even Non-profits. You can check out About Us here.

If you would have analysed our customer success stories closely, almost all our clients are based throughout the world – U.S., Maldives, Europe, Asia and Australia. Despite that, we have delivered our solutions successfully. So, remote delivery model is not a constraint – in fact, it is a big boon as we can focus more on delivering to our clients at a fair cost! Above all, our team members do travel onsite during the initial stage, after meeting milestones, & go-live of projects. Also, please explore our Project Methodology here.

Please fill out our short Contact Us form or email your requirements directly to Solution Architect Anil Shah at ashah@cloudfronts.com.

CloudFronts has executed critical and complex data integration projects across the globe using TIBCO Cloud Integration and KingswaySoft. Contact us to get free consultation.

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