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Our CRM Migration Methodology

CRM Migrations are not easy. You are moving from an established platform to a new one and there are bound to be some bumps in the process. For example: Will all my activity history still be present in the new system? Will I lose any data as part of the migration? Will our users be trained before Go Live??

Our CRM Migration methodology ensures that these and other issues are handled correctly during the migration, to ensure a smooth transition to your feature packed CRM Online platform!

We follow a 5-step methodology to ensure that migrations happen without hassle and all the meaningful data is exactly where it needs to be.

Platform Review

Our first step starts with a thorough analysis of your existing CRM setup. This includes reviewing and documenting existing CRM processes, workflows, customizations and 3rd party integrations. The end result of this exercise is a document that details each process through a Visio diagram along with entity and field level details of your current setup. This document is reviewed with your team to fill any gaps and to confirm that all details are correctly addressed.

Customization Analysis

With every new release of CRM, there are several technical features that are no longer supported. A Customization Analysis ensures that we review your CRM code to ensure compatibility with the latest release of CRM Online. We document items that need to be modified or replaced by new technical functionality and ensure that everything works!

Enhancements of Existing Processes

We recommend that you first migrate to CRM Online and then modify existing processes or setup new ones. This ensures we are able get you live on the CRM Online platform before we make any changes, which would require a longer Go Live period and add to the complexity of the project. We will document your requirements and address them as an immediate Phase 2 post Go Live.

Data Migration

Data Migration is probably one of the most overlooked aspects of any CRM project. A good Data Migration plan is critical to end user training on the new platform and a successful Go Live. If users see their data is correct in the new system, adoption will be that much faster! Our Data Migration team is highly specialized in CRM migrations and has deep knowledge on migrating simple (Ex: Contacts) to complex (Ex: Activities) entities. Our team will setup the migration packages, run a thorough test migration and prepare a detailed migration plan for your Go Live.

Training & Go Live

End User Training ensures that all your users are comfortable with the new platform. Training is conducted in a Test environment with live data. Using live data is an important aspect of training and helps users navigate the training and learning much faster. A successful training prepares us for a successful Go Live!

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