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Meet some of our Folks:

Master Mayur

Master Mayur – AX : I have been working with CloudFronts Technologies for more than 1.5 years as an Functional Consultant. It’s has been a very good experience so far and I have got several opportunities to improve my skills, adjust with changing situations at work and able to put by best efforts in terms of productivity and efficiency.

The best part about working for CloudFronts is its people and the values-based culture. Its guiding values always ensure individuals career growth while growing as a company.


Promising Priyesh – CRM : It’s been 5 years since I started my career with CloudFronts. Since my initial days, I’ve been exposed to wide-spectrum of technological possibilities. Unconventional problem-solving methods and freedom to take leadership and prove your mettle is what makes this workplace an ideal fit for enthusiastic engineers.

People here possess top-notch technical skills and are helpful like a dear friend would be. CloudFronts prepares you for the ever-changing IT scenario.

And not just that, being here is a lot of fun. To keep life in balance, we blend serious work with serious fun and the result is a desirable career and a merry life.

Khush Kuldeep

Khush Kuldeep – PMO : CloudFronts catapulted my skills to manage critical projects because they have bright young minds with zeal and vigour who simply love to work on complex problems. My CEO instilled unprecedented trust in me to drive crucial implementations with zero intervention.

CloudFronts works on cutting-edge tech and its people like to stay ahead in the game. And when you get a chance to work with such people, enthusiasm builds on its own. If you want to take charge of your own career, CloudFronts is the right company for you to script your own tale of success!

Join us and be a part of this exciting growth journey…

Career Enrichment:

MVP Program- If you are passionate about Microsoft Technology and want to be recognized for your exceptional technical expertise to make a significant and positive impact on technical communities, CloudFronts provides the opportunity to their employees to become an MVP.

Certifications- At CloudFronts, through Microsoft certifications across departments, we help our employees to enable productivity, collaboration and validate skill sets to drive individual credibility. It also adds value across all stages of an individual’s career path, so it is valuable for job seekers, new and advanced skill building, and upward career growth.

Microsoft certification reflects and validates real-world skills and experiences while improving the performance of IT professionals, developers, and information workers. By having everyone obtain certification, we send a message to our customers and partners that we are serious about the quality of our work, that we want them to have the best resources available to them to address their business needs.

Our Team & Culture

At CloudFronts we are a friendly group of people. We do a lot of things together, like offsite team meets, luncheons, Monday morning blues, festival celebrations, movies & lots of laughing.

Our Team Culture

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