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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce
(formerly Dynamics 365 Retail)

Whether you own a single store or 10 stores or more than 100s of them, Dynamics 365 Commerce is the world class Retail ERP solution for retailers by Microsoft. Let us see how Dynamics 365 Commerce can streamline all your store operations and increase your business revenue.

What is Dynamics 365 Commerce?

Dynamics 365 Commerce is an ERP application designed and customized solely for all the Retailers, under the Microsoft Dynamics suite. Previously, it was called as Dynamics 365 Retail and then re-branded to Dynamics 365 Commerce. Dynamics 365 Commerce unifies all the retail capabilities and functionalities like back office, in-store.

Core Capabilities and Benefits of
Dynamics 365 Commerce

Retain your Customers & Build Brand Loyalty

For every retailer, customer retention is the most important factor. Why? Research suggests just a 5% increase in customer retention can increase retail store’s revenue by humongous 25-95%. Hence, no retailer can afford to miss a single customer and Dynamics 365 Commerce can exactly help you to achieve strong brand loyalty. This retail platform enables your store employees to collect the product and customer information so that they can provide customised, personalized service—across social media, mobile sites, stores, and other retail touch points, hence, driving huge engagement. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce (Retail) enables stores to foster lasting relationships through AI-driven recommendations, customer insights, and loyalty programs that elevate brand appeal.

Omnichannel Experience to your Customers

As a retailer, you can get a real time view of all the relevant store data and analytics from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce (Retail). This cloud-based Microsoft Retail ERP system provides the relevant customer information such as product discovery, product reviews, wish lists, inventory, gift cards, and loyalty. Retailers can create a holistic flexible and omnichannel experience by unifying physical stores and digital e-stores by providing unmatched experiences to customers across multiple devices such as smartphone, tablets, desktops, or any other device of their choice thereby, allowing customers to purchase when, how, and where they want with integrated payment methods and product collection or delivery.

Streamline Retail Management

Now retailers can get full visibility across connected distribution, manage your financials, customer service, sales, and marketing systems so you can innovate your products and processes to meet rising customers’ expectations. Integrated, optimized back-office operations through robust inbuilt cloud intelligence. You can also use advanced merchandising, inventory management, distributed order management, and pricing and promotion to innovate and stand different among your neighbourhood stores.

Here’s how you can transform your Retail capabilities and drive robust growth

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Why CloudFronts

CloudFronts is a Microsoft Certified Gold partner based in Mumbai with offices in Singapore and the United States. CloudFronts has successfully executed 100+ Dynamics 365 Commerce implementation projects across the Maldives, Europe, Australia, and the US and in several sectors like Professional Services, Financial Services, Retail, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, CPG, Automotive and even Nonprofits.

Sports Goods Retailer of Maldives transformed its entire retail operations and registered 23% ROI.

How CloudFronts will work with you?

One of the key factors that differentiate us from other Microsoft partners is our simple and hassle-free delivery process. CloudFronts follows industry standard best practices for the delivery of all Dynamics 365 Commerce projects by involving clients at all stages. Please check out our Project delivery methodology here

Integrate Power BI with Dynamics 365 Commerce

Today, Retailers want to leverage their retail stores’ and their customers’ data as much as they can! For this, Microsoft’s data analytics tools like Power BI Dashboard for Retail stores can come into the picture. Microsoft Power BI can be seamlessly integrated and embedded into Dynamics 365 Commerce (Retail) wherein it will allow you to build interactive dashboards and reports, customised visuals, all within the Commerce without leaving ERP platform.

Frequently Asked Questions
for Dynamics 365 Commerce / Retail

Dynamics 365 Commerce is an ERP application for small, medium and large sized retailers available under the Microsoft Dynamics suite. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce (Retail) helps retailers to deliver a seamless, unified shopping experience by connecting digital, in-store, and back-office operations on an omnichannel commerce platform and get an overview of their retail operations.

Are you a retailer? Then, Dynamics 365 Commerce can be used by you easily to improve your store (retail) operations. All retailers – whether they are in electronics, furniture, sports goods, apparels, snacks, groceries, toys, games, home décor and many more – all can use Dynamics 365 Commerce to efficiently optimise, automate and get visibility into their store operations.

Dynamics 365 Commerce is a sophisticated ERP software from Microsoft, which enables you to streamline and automate your entire retail store operations. There are multiple benefits however the biggest benefit is the customer retention. The retail platform enables you to drive customer engagement and also offer personalised experiences to them. 

CloudFronts has successfully delivered Dynamics 365 projects throughout the U.S., Europe, Asia and Maldives. We encourage you to check out our customer success stories here.  One of our largest Retail clients is Sonee Sports, a sports goods retailer in Maldives.

We have only Microsoft certified consultants and experts in our organizations. You can access and validate all our experts’ profiles by clicking on employees at our LinkedIn Page.

Yes. 50% of our clients are the ones who had already deployed Dynamics 365 Commerce with some other partner. They request us to upgrade the Dynamics 365 Retail to Dynamics 365 Commerce or also sometimes, talk about certain parameters or features to be changed or customised as per their requirements. Not only this, but we also provide training to your end-users/sales teams/store employees on how to use Dynamics 365 Commerce to its fullest capability.

Dynamics 365 Commerce is part of Dynamics ERP and this ERP application can be integrated with any third-party software application. For better Analytics, Microsoft Power BI Dashboards can be integrated on top of it for better data management and visualization for enhanced decision making. Our Power BI experts can help you to leverage data and access reports on a real-time basis from anywhere.

Well, established in the year 2012, CloudFronts is a Microsoft Certified Gold partner based in Mumbai with offices in Singapore and the United States. We offer complete Dynamics 365 (ERP- Finance, Commerce and Commerce) implementations. We have delivered around 300+ Dynamics 365 projects across the Maldives, Europe, Australia and the US and in several sectors like Professional Services, Financial Services, Retail, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Automotive and even Nonprofits. You can check out About Us here.

If you would have analysed our customer success stories closely, almost all our clients are based throughout the world – USA, Maldives, Europe, Asia and Australia. Despite that, we have delivered our solutions successfully. So, remote delivery model is not a constraint – in fact, it is a big boon as we can focus more on delivering to our clients at competitive costs. Above all, our team members do travel onsite during the initial stage, after meeting milestones, & go-live of projects. Also, please explore our Project Methodology here.

Please fill out our short Contact Us form or email your requirements directly to Solution Architect Anil Shah at

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