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#1 Professional Services Automation Partner

Stay on the top of your business across sales, projects, and finance and become a professionally managed company with the Professional Services Automation from CloudFronts.

“Starting a business may be easy, but it is difficult to run that business 'professionally'. Most businesses fail to scale high due to the lack of standard systems and processes or the failure to adapt quickly to changing market conditions.”

- Anil Shah, CEO, CloudFronts

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Manage your Leads & Opportunities with D365 Sales

If there is anything that Professional Services Automation companies or teams are really concerned about, then that is sales! Let us begin with streamlining your sales first! When customers fill out a form on your website, it will become a lead in D365 Sales and send a notification to the Sales team. From there, you can create and manage Opportunities and utilize our custom embedded PowerApps to Power Automate for notifications to run the entire Opportunity cycle, from Opportunity to Contract (Order) creation.

Get Overview of your ongoing projects with Dynamics 365 PSA

Our Contracts created in the Sales cycle are used by our Project Delivery Team to create Projects, allocate team members on projects, track time and expense entries and finally run all our Invoicing from within PSA. So, from Sales to PSA, from the CEO to the Sales Manager to the Project Manager to our Finance Manager, we have a single source of truth in our Dynamics 365 platform!

Projected AR- Keep Track of your Invoices with D365 PSA

Projected Accounts Receivable are any Invoices that we will generate this month and that will be due this month. This data also becomes from our Contract Invoicing Schedule. For Fixed Bid, this is based on the Contract Billing Milestones and for Time & Materials, this data comes from the Team Member Allocations. Read article >>

Cash Position Report with
D365 PSA

Well, we all know how important this is for any Professional Services company. The Cash Position is your current and forecasted ‘Cash in Hand’. The Cash Position is your current and forecasted ‘Cash in Hand’. The importance of having Cash in your bank account cannot be emphasized enough. It is important to understand the difference between Cash Flow and Cash in Hand as they are not the same. Some of the Key Reports that should be reviewed are Project Overview Report, Team Billable & Non-Billable Allocation Report, Support Metrics, Sales Pipeline, Outstanding Accounts Receivable Report, Forecasted AR Report, Cash Position Report. Each one of these is a Power BI Report embedded into our Microsoft Teams Leadership Team Group. Read article >>

Overdue Accounts Receivable (AR) Report

AR is your Accounts Receivable which includes all Customer Invoices that are due this month and have not yet been paid. This includes overdue invoices carried forward from the previous month as well. If an Invoice is Paid, then it goes into Cash on Hand. Our AR data comes from Dynamics 365 PSA Contract Invoicing Schedule for both Fixed Bid and Time & Materials Projects. Our Contract Invoicing Schedule is the Single source of truth for all our Project Services Invoicing.

Power BI

Today, Professional Services companies are lacking transparency in their operations. Key Reports with the help of Power BI like Billable Allocation Report, Project Overview Report and Accounts Receivables Report can all be set up in Power BI. These and other reports drive decision making and enhances the ability to gauge the health of the organization from a high level and drill down to details if needed! Colourful Allocation reports will help you to identify how many hours a person is billable on specific projects on day-to-day basis. Imagine the delight and satisfaction when you just tap on a report and see all your teams busy! Power BI image Our Internal Systems | Cloudfronts – Microsoft Dynamics 365 | Power BI | Azure

How to start automating a business with Dynamics 365 & Power Platform

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How to start automating a business with
Dynamics 365 & Power Platform

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Professional services automation (PSA) software helps companies in professional services manage most or all back-office and front-office activities. PSA systems are used to track operations and related costs, as well as the revenues they generate. These products are used by IT companies, consultants, lawyers, marketing account managers, and other professional services industry roles that conduct business on a client-project level.

Typically, Professional Services firms run multiple client projects at a given time. This involves manpower resources, finance, cash in hand, sales, new client inquiries, accounting, invoices – all operating simultaneously. This can be stressful if you don’t have a single window where can you view all your operations and take crucial decisions. CloudFronts can help you manage all these activities with its professional services automation consulting.

CloudFronts itself is a professional services automation company, so we understand the core modalities of any other professional services company. We will consult you the right platforms, set it up, automate it and even train you to leverage them.

We have helped numerous companies in professional services automation sector Here are few examples – Kindly check our customer stories.

Well, established in the year 2012, CloudFronts is a Microsoft Certified Gold partner based in Mumbai with offices in Singapore and the United States. We offer complete Dynamics 365 (CRM, ERP, Finance, Supply Chain and Business Central) implementations. We have delivered around 300+ Dynamics 365 projects across the Maldives, Europe, Australia and the US and in several sectors like Professional Services, Financial Services, Retail, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Automotive and even Non-profits. You can check out About Us here.

If you would have analysed our customer success stories closely, almost all our clients are based throughout the world – U.S., Maldives, Europe, Asia and Australia. Despite that, we have delivered our solutions successfully. So, remote delivery model is not a constraint – in fact, it is a big boon as we can focus more on delivering to our clients at a fair cost! Above all, our team members do travel onsite during the initial stage, after meeting milestones, & go-live of projects. Also, please explore our Project Methodology here.

Please fill out our quick Contact Us form or email your requirements directly to Solution Architect Anil Shah at ashah@cloudfronts.com.

CloudFronts has executed critical and complex data integration projects across the globe using #1 Professional Services Automation Partner . Contact us to get free consultation.

For more details please reach to us.

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