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Work from Home - Need of the Hour!

Mumbai being one of the world’s fast paced city, it is a herculean task for employees to commute. A small break in the middle of the hectic week offers a respite. Additionally, Covid-19 and its evolving variants have taught us to be to be more flexible and adopt a hybrid approach. At the same time, we also needed to ensure we have robust systems in place to ensure 100% transparency and accountability.

Managing Inbound Enquiries with D365 Sales

To begin with, we are always worried about the inbound inquiries and how do we greet our clients. So here is the solution! When you fill out a form on our website, it becomes a lead in our D365 Sales and sends a notification to our Sales team. From there, we create and manage Opportunities and utilize our custom embedded PowerApps to Power Automate for notifications to run the entire Opportunity cycle, from Opportunity to Contract (Order) creation.

Feeling Connected with Microsoft Teams

We implemented Microsoft Teams in CloudFronts internally, soon after it was released and have never looked back! This drove adoption and helped us deeply embed Microsoft Teams into our culture right from beginning! From announcements on our various Channels (one General companywide Channel and a few team channels) to integration with Azure DevOps for SCRUM based Project Management to Power BI Reporting and Analytics within Teams, we have a single platform that all of us can leverage to feel connected and work together.

Get an Overview of your Projects with Dynamics 365 Project Operations

Our contracts created in the Sales cycle are used by our Project Delivery Team to create Projects, allocate team members on projects, track time and expense entries and finally run all our Invoicing from within Dynamics 365 Project Operations (formerly Project Service Automation; PSA). So, from Sales to Project Operations, from the CEO to the Sales Manager to the Project Manager to our Finance Manager, we have a single source of transparency in our Dynamics 365 platform!

Azure DevOps Integrated with Microsoft Teams

We use Azure DevOps to run Agile Projects, and we have integrated that into Microsoft Teams. We also invite our customers to the Azure DevOps projects in Microsoft Teams. So, all Project-based communication is handled within Teams. Interested to know how do we deliver our projects? Explore CloudFronts’ Flawless Project Methodology here!

Worried about Attendance logs? Not anymore with automated HRMS & Payroll

Now with Work from Home Policy implemented, we still need to maintain the attendance records of all our CloudFronts members. All members can ensure their attendance by using app-based platform Zoho for check-in and check-out. Not only this, but at any given point, our employees can login to the app and get a 100% overview of their attendance, working hours, paid leaves, holidays, day offs. Zoho People is our HRMS platform and it is integrated with cloud-based Payroll software Paybooks, thus empowering our HR Manager to manage both the processes simultaneously and flawlessly. This has helped us save our HR’s precious time, reduce mistakes, and indulge your workforce.

Manage your Accounting with D365 Business Central

As Microsoft Gold partner, we thrive ourselves in the Microsoft ecosystem and so, we migrated from QuickBooks to Business Central. We have set up 3 legal entities on Business Central (USA, India, Singapore) and have integrated all invoicing from Business Central. Dynamics 365 has enabled our Accounts Team to be super-efficient and on top of things!

Keep an Eye on Operations using Microsoft Power BI

Power BI is our Reporting and Analytics Platform. Our Key Reports like Billable Allocation Report, Project Overview Report, and Accounts Receivables Report are all set up in Power BI. These and other reports drive our decision making and our ability to see the health of the organization from a high level and drill down to details if needed!

Accounts Receivable Report

AR Report – We do all our Customer Invoicing from Project Operations and with this, we drive our Accounts Receivable (AR) Reporting from a back-office function to the hands to our Delivery Managers! This ensures you have timely follow up on overdue payments and get paid on time!

Project Overview Report

This wonderful report gives a high-level overview of all Projects along with Estimated, Forecasted and Invoiced Revenue. By ensuring you allocate your team members on upcoming projects (for time & materials) or setup your milestones correctly (for fixed bid projects), you get an accurate overview of the health of your business.

Project Cash Flow Report

‘Cash is king, and Cash Flow is queen’. This is management 101 and by ensuring D365 Project Operations as our single source of truth, we can drive our Project Cash Flow Report to see our Forecasted Billing Month wise into the future. During challenging times, this report is key to knowing the pulse of your business and enabling you to drive fast and timely decision making

The above systems are a result of our deep commitment to leveraging the Microsoft platform as the backbone for our Professional Services organization. As the category suggests, CloudFronts’ sole objective is to help other small and medium enterprises to run more professionally and worry less! Stop worrying and let CloudFronts help you to grow in this journey!

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