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QuickBooks to Business Central Migration

One Microsoft ERP Solution for all your Accounting needs!

Problems with QuickBooks

Non-Scalable, Less Secure

QuickBooks is accounting software for “micro-businesses.” This means that it lacks the full range of options required by many SMBs and growing companies.

They are not scalable in terms of Not-so-robust audit trails — no record of logins/logoffs, and no record of changes to master records along with limited/inconvenient reporting options — general difficulty across customer insights and analytical capabilities.

These weaknesses can leave businesses on QuickBooks vulnerable to losses due to errors and even employee theft. That vulnerability can grow exponentially as your team grows.

Slower, Less features

If you are a business that is expanding, you will discover that the architecture of the QuickBooks database is insufficient. When you approach 1000 transactions/month or multiple users accessing the system at the same time, QuickBooks gets slower!

QuickBooks doesn’t have multi-lingual functionality, which limits international growth. QuickBooks is missing many key features that a lot of accountants consider necessary.

Featurewise, they have limited options for billing formats, and difficulty in billing third parties or multiple client locations making even inter-company reporting quite tough. You are also unable to work with deferred revenue or expenses in QuickBooks.

" As our business continues to grow globally, we felt the need for much more robust application for our accounting needs as QuickBooks had significant limitations. Business Central has all the substantial capabilities that a modern small and mid-sized business would require ”

- Anil Shah, CEO, CloudFronts

Key Benefits of moving from QuickBooks to BC?


Business Central has almost 800 features that QuickBooks Online Plus does not have and above all its an ERP which is flexibly being tailored to use for accounting purpose. That is essentially also because Business Central is a Microsoft ERP solution and not just an accounting solution. In fact, Business Central has the functionality to address all of the QuickBooks weaknesses and performs the best, when it comes to scalability and reporting.


When comparing Dynamics 365 user pricing to QuickBooks pricing, you’ll find that Dynamics 365 rings in at $70 USD/user/month*; whereas QBES can cost up to $184 USD/user/month for the Platinum edition.


Business Central Audit Trail and Reporting: Business Central’s audit trail is much more robust, better protecting businesses against errors and employee theft. For example, in Business Central, users have to reverse voided transactions rather than deleting them (whether accidentally or intentionally). This means there will be a valid audit trail.


In terms of reporting, Business Central’s capabilities are very extensive, letting you, for instance use a web-based reporting portal see open purchase orders and purchase comparisons in accounts payable connect your data easily to a full reporting solution, Power BI see salesperson performance analysis in order entry reports give different data access permissions to different users Business Central Integration with Microsoft Office Business Central also has a big advantage in that is integrated with the rest of the Microsoft stack.

Seamless Integration

If you use Microsoft Office, Outlook, Excel, or any number of other Microsoft products, you’ll be impressed by how easy it is to use — and how easily the data flows between applications. For instance, you can do quotes and invoices right inside Outlook.

Microsoft Gold Partner’s Journey from QuickBooks to BC

DataFronts is a U.S subsidiary of CloudFronts Technologies – Top Microsoft Gold partner, has successfully implemented Dynamics 365 to 500+ small and medium-sized customers across the regions – North America, Europe, Australia, MENA, Maldives & India. It’s core sectors include Professional & Financial services, Manufacturing, and Retail.
With the move from QuickBooks to Dynamics 365 Business Central, CloudFronts has remarkably completed a journey to move their all end-to-end business processes – from Sales to Service to Project Management to Billing – on Microsoft Dynamics 365 & Power Platform. This visibility and access to data across the organization is instrumental in ability to deliver Customer Success on the Microsoft platform and more importantly, to flourish under the gamut of Microsoft ecosystem.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Ofcourse! As you can see above success story, CloudFronts’ U.S subsidiary Datafronts too has moved from their conventional QuickBooks to BC.
Are you performing or soon going to execute more than 1000 transactions? Or you have plans to expand to more than one country, or you currently operate in multiple countries? Do you need a high end reporting? You want a Microsoft cloud security? You want a better integration with your outlook and other office apps? If the above responses are yes, then you should consider Business Central soon!

We have delivered 100+ projects across U.S. and Europe remotely. Our team members have also travelled during Go-live. Please explore our global customers here.

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