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Managed Services Agreement (MSA)
Ensure your busines continuity with MSA

What is MSA?

A Managed Services Agreement (MSA) is an annual support contract that generally includes detailed rates, services, and terms for each functional area of the partnership. Under this obligation, post-deployment of any ERP or CRM or software, CloudFronts reserves its resources for a certain number of hours every month to serve the customers during any breakdown, downtime, or sudden unexpected glitches.

Key Components of MSA

An MSA will manage and provide a defined set of services to our clients as set out in the MSA. For customers, a robust MSA can ensure that you are supplied with the right services at the right time.

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Key Benefits of
Managed Services Agreement

Huge Cost savings

One factor that holds business managers and owners back from signing an MSA is the idea of paying up even when there is no rectification needed. Post-deployment of ERPs, CRMs, or analytics, it is important to note that several upgrades happen from time to time throughout the year, and one needs a resource to be allocated for the same and this untimely resource demand can prove to be very expensive! So, a contractual agreement is likely to save you money in the long run. CloudFronts offers discounts and low rates to their contract clients, and you will be able to better budget for your continued maintenance as many of the costs will be arranged beforehand.

Emergency services

There can be sudden breakdowns and the discontinuation of both CRM and ERP modules can cause entire operations to stop and this may lead managers to panic. In the past, our clients have reported how CRM breakdown for a week can affect their ability to sort the sales opportunities pipeline and hence, potentially stand a chance to lose business. Similarly, ERP breakdown can hurt the financial operations and reporting momentum in the background. When you have an existing agreement with an IT service provider like CloudFronts, you’ll know quickly whom to contact in that event. When your systems are down unexpectedly, time is of the essence, and you won’t want to be clueless and search around for a service provider to assist you.

Change of IT Services Provider!

Many of our clients in the past have expressed their displeasure with the current Microsoft partners but they were obliged to continue with them until complete implementation. However, once the deployment was done, they were willing to explore another partner for the continuation of the maintenance of their ERP and CRM platforms. In this case, CloudFronts will be more than happy to help such customers as 50% of our client base comes from other partners.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Data integration is the process of extracting accurate data and information from multiple sources and unifying them so your team members can access it to drive operations faster.

Yes, it is!  This is possible by integrating your company’s data by using TIBCO Cloud Integration and KingswaySoft. 

Yes, our biggest project till date has been for Retail client Sonee Hardware in Maldives and Fast Track Mobility in U.S.

Well, established in the year 2012, CloudFronts is a Microsoft Certified Gold partner based in Mumbai with offices in Singapore and the United States. We offer complete Dynamics 365 (CRM, ERP, Finance, Supply Chain and Business Central) implementations. We have delivered around 300+ Dynamics 365 projects across the Maldives, Europe, Australia and the US and in several sectors like Professional Services, Financial Services, Retail, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Automotive and even Non-profits. You can check out About Us here.

If you would have analysed our customer success stories closely, almost all our clients are based throughout the world – U.S., Maldives, Europe, Asia and Australia. Despite that, we have delivered our solutions successfully. So, remote delivery model is not a constraint – in fact, it is a big boon as we can focus more on delivering to our clients at a fair cost! Above all, our team members do travel onsite during the initial stage, after meeting milestones, & go-live of projects. Also, please explore our Project Methodology here.

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CloudFronts has executed critical and complex data integration projects across the globe using TIBCO Cloud Integration and KingswaySoft. Contact us to get free consultation.

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