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Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation (PSA)

"The service that CloudFronts have provided so far has been fantastic. They are a passionate team capable in identifying workable solutions, and work within the stipulated deadlines without losing focus on business objective."
— Jihin Jale, Senior Technical Lead, Momentum India

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"If you want your project to be successfully delivered, it is crucial to get Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation (PSA). It will help you to stay on top of things."
- Kuldeep Gupta, Delivery Head, CloudFronts.

Project Management Best Practices Consulting & Setup

For any Professional Services organization, successful project delivery is at the heart of the business. We don't make pens, chairs or phones, we deliver services-based projects. Efficient project management requires user-friendly tools and best practices that are honed over time.

PSA project management is not something that anyone can do. Project Managers, using our solution, have delivered projects of various sizes, from 2-week QuickStarts to 6-month projects that span various industry verticals. Engage us for Project Management best practices consulting and setup of your PSA solution.

Why Project Service Automation (PSA)?

  • To deliver the billable projects while managing the timing and budget.

  • To estimate the quote for the project.

  • To plan and assign the resources to the project.

  • Enabling communication, coordination, and collaboration within the team.

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Capabilities of Project Service Automation

Opportunity Management:
The project service functionality starts with opportunity management. The opportunity project information form helps to manage the deal for a potential project.

It helps the project managers to quickly assess project profitability, create project contracts, track labour rates and generate statements of work. The user can able to choose the contracting unit in opportunity management, which helps to assign the right resources for the project to deliver it on time.

Project Planning:
Project planning tools and templates make it easy for sales managers to collaborate with project managers to estimate and define the work upon which the costs, effort, and sales value are clear when the final proposal is submitted.

All the information of the opportunity has pulled over into the project and starts to estimate actual start and finish dates, hours and costs. Work Breakdown Structure provides a breakdown of all the pieces of work that will be required to deliver this project.

Resource Management:
Resource management gives the clear view of what the task is and what to deliver, to which resourcing unit that role belongs to, the duration, how many resources and hours.

Resourcing decisions are based on real-time insight into consultant availability. Benefits: To get better resource visibility Can maximize the utilization of our employees which leads to getting better returns on investment. Can save time and money by utilizing the right amount of resources.

Team Collaboration:
Office 365 simplifies the collaboration process by connecting to people, information and tools need to get work done together.

Project teams and customers can connect in many ways, Communicate and share the latest project details Track documents, deliverables, and productivity with office 365.

Time & Expenses:
It allows the employees to track their work efforts and occurred costs for assigned project tasks in the form of time and expense entry.

It allows the users to specify the start and end time of tracking entity. It helps employees plan and controls their progress with the project. Web, Office and Mobile apps make time and expense entry quick and easy.

Customer Billing:
Project managers can review override, track overruns and approve costs all in one place with the help of customer billing tools. When it’s time to invoice, everything is in place to get accurate invoices to be given to customers.

Analysis & Integration:
Uniform tracking of financial events that affect profitability, revenues, accrual, and expenses provides a strong basis for reporting, integration and analytics and interactive dashboards.

More than just a project management tool, Microsoft Dynamics 365 PSA helps to ensure an organized and standardized workflow as well as it offers full reporting and management capabilities for the delivery management team across the project. It helps keep the project flow in an absolute and coordinated way from sales till delivery. The following two tabs change content below.

Dynamics 365 PSA E-Book:

Our Delivery Head - Kuldeep Gupta took an initiative to write an E-Book on deploying the Dynamics 365 PSA solution for Project Management. Setting out to improve on the existing PSA documentation, Kuldeep's goal to write this series was to provide an exhaustive step by step guide to ensure any Project Manager could deploy the new Dynamics 365 PSA platform! You can connect with Kuldeep here.

Download our complete D365 PSA E-book here.

Think Project Service could help your Business? Let CloudFronts help you leverage the true potential of project excellence, customer trust and team empowerment with Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation.

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Frequently Asked Questions
for Project Service Automation (PSA)

PSA is a CRM application under the suite of Microsoft Dynamics. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation helps organizations to deliver billable projects on time, within budget and provide an end-to-end solution for sales, planning, resourcing, delivery, and billing.

Do you have a certain project or multiple projects to deliver? Then, Dynamics 365 PSA can be used by you. All the firms whether they are Professional services organizations, Accounting, CPAs, Constructions, Facility services, Safety services, Sales Services or Maintenance services, all can use PSA to efficiently manage their project deliveries. We use Dynamics 365 PSA for managing our projects.

Dynamics 365 PSA is a sophisticated project management tool from Microsoft, which enables to deploy multiple projects efficiently and accurately. This is usually done by discovering the availability of resources, assigning them on the project optimally, and ensuring the highest productivity for any project-based service organizations. This project automation will save you on overall costs and deliver high ROI.  

CloudFronts has successfully delivered PSA projects throughout the US, Europe, Asia and Maldives. We encourage you to check out our customer success stories here.  One of our biggest PSA clients in the US is a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) Firm.

We have only Microsoft certified consultants and experts in our organizations. You can access and validate all our experts’ profiles by clicking on employees at our LinkedIn Page. Above all, our PSA department is headed by Kuldeep Gupta who is designated as Most Valuable Professional by Microsoft.

Yes. We have helped our customers deploy the Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation right from start till the end. On multiple occasions, our customers do talk about certain parameters or features to be changed or customised as per their requirements. We will consult you only after listening to your requirements. Not only this, we also provide training to your end users on how to use Dynamics 365 PSA efficiently.

PSA is part of Dynamics CRM and this CRM application can be integrated with any third-party software application. 

Well, established in the year 2012, CloudFronts is a Microsoft Certified Gold partner based in Mumbai with offices in Singapore and the United States. We offer complete Dynamics 365 (CRM, ERP, Finance, Supply Chain and Business Central) implementations. We have delivered around 300+ Dynamics 365 projects across the Maldives, Europe, Australia and the US and in several sectors like Professional Services, Financial Services, Retail, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Automotive and even Nonprofits. You can check out About Us here.

If you would have analysed our customer success stories closely, almost all our clients are based throughout the world – USA, Maldives, Europe, Asia and Australia. Despite that, we have delivered our solutions successfully. So, remote delivery model is not a constraint – in fact, it is a big boon as we can focus more on delivering to our clients at a fair cost. Above all, our team members do travel onsite during the initial stage, after meeting milestones, & go-live of projects. Also, please explore our Project Methodology here.

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