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Digital Transformation Solutions let you do things differently than the rest of the world. A holistic process, and mindful thinking that can encompass various aspects such as journey mapping, user profiling, design engineering, digital audits, market testing, and rapid prototyping. Assessing a business is easy when you use this method.

Let’s see how Sonee Sports, one of the biggest sports goods retailers in Maldives was conducting its daily operations and how it underwent a huge digital transformational journey enabling greater operational efficiency.

House Of Sonee Sports, a Brick and Mortar Retailer

House of Sonee Sports is the largest sporting goods retailer across Maldives with e-commerce operations in Singapore catering to a range of sports and fashion-oriented customer base. You can read more about Sonee Sports at

While Brick and Mortar is here to stay and will continue to flourish, however, they have to now deliver a distinct experience to consumers in-store and also walk an extra mile to exceed consumer expectations.

Consumer Experience is the Real Differentiator!

Sonee Sports approached CloudFronts keeping in mind, the consumer journey and leverage Dynamics 365 to transform this journey. During their meeting with CloudFronts, they discussed how distressed they were regarding their business operations and despite installing few systems, they were unable to receive the required benefits.

Retailers like Sonee Sports realise that the act of not investing in a digital system might cost very high in a long run! Wrong and late decisions cost huge revenue losses.

Commencement of Digital Transformation Journey

CloudFronts was entrusted a task to commence a 360-degree Digital Transformation journey. So what did CloudFronts do?

First Things First! Stabilize the Unstable!

Sonee Sports had a deployment of Dynamics AX 2012 and they were facing many infrastructure related challenges that were having a business impact. CloudFronts team first stabilized the existing AX platform, moved the development and test instances on Azure virtual machines and then worked closely with Sonee Sports to prepare for migration to Dynamics 365 Finance, Operations and Retail.

CloudFronts migrated the Sonee Sports AX 2012 On-premise platform to Dynamics 365 Finance, Operations and Retail on the Microsoft cloud.

Engage the Customer using D365 Customer Engagement

Sonee Sports was using Access Database to store their information. Here they switched to Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement.

In D365 Customer Engagement, following activities were done:

  1. Implemented Voice of Customers to receive details of Customer Satisfaction.
  2. Implemented BULK SMS feature to members of Marketing Lists.
  3. Managed Sales Pipeline in Dynamics CRM.
  4. Implemented Integration between Operations and CRM.

Capitalizing on Power BI Analytics

How frustrating it is when you don’t get an access to the real time insights?
Generating information took several hours of computer processing and manual intervention. Data driven decision making was totally absent and this might have led to huge losses. This prompted Sonee Sports to immediately move to a robust technology platform to take control of the situation and let technology take charge for them to stay ahead of the competition.

Microsoft Power BI analytics was implemented to leverage store level, brand level and SKU level data for making both short term and long term business decisions.

They needed a reliable, user friendly system with host of options to access information. A single unified view of the business was important using a single platform which was a combination of several systems like ERP, PoS, CRM along with sales and marketing functionalities.


Yes, that’s correct. You read it right. The Dynamics 365 for retail which was implemented for Sonee Sports, was hosted on highly secured Microsoft azure. Microsoft Azure is a highly secured cloud platform. The need for the physical server where the data was hosted previously is now eliminated and it is instead stored on Azure. With Azure, you can move your entire systems to the cloud.

CloudFronts and Sonee Sports worked together to migrate their On-premise Exchange server to Office 365 and finally moving On-premise AD to Azure AD, enabling a true digital transformation for Sonee Sports.

Sonee Sports had On-Prem MS Exchange 2013 Server as their Mailing solution. Their server hardware was hitting end of life and storage had reached threshold. Low Internet bandwidth and constant inconsistence in connectivity caused delay in mail delivery.

CloudFronts migrated Exchange mailing solution to O365. Along with this, they migrated AD to Azure AD and decommissioned the AD and Exchange Server. They also enabled and integrated All Windows 10 User Laptops to Azure AD and leverage Single Sign On experience.

Post this, the users had seamless experience with Office 365. They optimized cost by eliminating hardware Upgrade and full time Exchange Admin.


Post the migration to Dynamics 365, Sonee Sports calculated their Return on Investment and this was 22.5%. This was gained through efficiencies in people, time and processes.

  1. Real Time Insights
  2. Seamless Integration
  3. Highly Available Retail systems
  4. Secure Platforms
  5. Better decision making
  6. Operational optimization

And............. 22.5% ROI

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