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Customer Success: Enrich Salon

Microsoft Office 365 and Exchange Online Implementation

Enrich Salon worked with CloudFronts to realign their existing Microsoft Office 365 for increasing operational efficiency.

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Enrich Salon: A Premium Beauty Salon Chain

About Enrich Salon:

Since its inception in 1997, Mumbai-based Enrich Salon is one of the best Salon chains in India and has created a unique space in the hair and skin beauty solutions. It offers professional beauty services to its customer base. It owns and operates more than 60 Salons across 6 cities in India. You can read more about Enrich Salon at www.enrichsalon.com.


Business Requirement:

Enrich Salon approached CloudFronts with the following requirements –

  1. Office 365 Re-alignment
  2. Exchange Online
  3. Set up SharePoint Online
  4. Security and Compliance


Solution Delivered:

Having analysed Enrich Salons’ existing setups and mechanisms, the CloudFronts team came up with a suitable solution. The Team carried out a realignment of Microsoft Office 365 services. We have enabled Email Archiving for all users as they were using a separate Exchange Online licenses as additional storage for emails. Exchange Online was set up to work out administration where email encryption, resource configuration, email retention, mailbox auditing was set up. Email filtration policies was configured in Exchange Online Protection as they were receiving a lot of unwanted emails. SharePoint Online was customized as per departments for document management and real-time collaboration and specific security permissions was setup for all the Salon stores for accessing SharePoint Online and emails. As a part of Security and Compliance, ‘Retention Policies’ were set up for the documents, so that if the documents are deleted they are recoverable. Transport rules were setup to achieve various requirements.

“Enrich has been efficiently able to archive their emails without any extra costs and use SharePoint Online for document management & Collaboration.”

Key Features:

Key Features:

  • Office 365 services are now realigned to suit the business requirements.
  • Document management and collaboration is now done using SharePoint Online.
  • Office 365 is running on secured environment with the help of Security & Compliance centre & Exchange Online protection.
  • Email Archiving was enabled across organization.

Key Technologies:


Key Technologies:

  • Office 365
  • Exchange Online
  • SharePoint Online

Post Go Live:


Post Go Live:

Enrich Salon went live with the project on 24th May, 2018. Post Go-Live, the Enrich Salon team has been efficiently able to archive their emails without any extra costs. They are using SharePoint Online for document management and collaboration. The files are now enabled to share with all store users with security limitations.

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