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SOS for Dynamics 365 on AppSource

The CloudFronts team worked with TSD to fully develop and implement the proven SOS Sales Methodology on the Sales platform with the D365 environment helping them provide a unique view into Sales opportunities.

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TSD: A Sales Transformation Company

About TSD:

Technical Sales Development (TSD) is a leading New York based company which offers distinctive solutions regarding Sales Transformation, Training and Services to the companies looking to increase their Sales effectiveness, improve customer satisfaction, improve margins and thereby increase their revenue. TSD helps sales teams (Managers, Sales Reps/AM’s and SE/SC/SA’s) to win more business opportunities by providing process and tools to manage and optimize their sales opportunities. You can read more about TSD at https://teamsalesdevelopment.com/

Art Fromm, Owner and President, Technical Sales Development


Business Requirement:

TSD wanted a solution that would convert a fully functional SOS (Sales Opportunity Snapshot) Standalone Excel-based application in use for current customers to the D365 environment.


Solution Delivered:

TSD wanted the standalone SOS application integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 to help their customers manage and close Sales opportunities. In response to this, the CloudFronts team replicated the SOS Excel functionality into D365 making it extremely visual, easy to use, and covers all aspects of a sales opportunity.

“My Overall experience as a CloudFronts’ Customer has been a delight. Professional, efficient, smart, responsive, easy to work with, CloudFronts has been a trusted advisor through the whole process, and true delight to partner with on the project.”

— Art Fromm, Owner and President, TSD

Key Features:

Key Benefits:

TSD’s customers now can better manage sales opportunities in the D365 environment. This broadly includes two key criteria – One is the Snapshot Assessment which is based on nine important qualification metrics and the Influence Map, which displays key client executives who influence the sales opportunity. The fully-integrated and highly graphical solution delivered by CloudFronts helps sales professionals better utilize D365 – it helps them sell. At the same time, since data is available based on daily sales motions, sales managers have access to accurate and real-time data, which allows for better funnel management and coaching opportunities.


Influence Map:

Key Technologies:


Key Technologies:

Post Go Live:


Post Go Live:

SOS for D365 went live on the AppSource on July 9, 2018. Using the SOS methodology and tool, TSD’s customers documented:

  • 16 Point increase in win-rate – from 58% to 74%.
  • 22% increase in bookings in the first two years of implementation.
  • Growth of the company from a single-point solution to an end-to-end solution – growing deal size and customer impact.

Why CloudFronts? CloudFronts is a Dynamics 365, Power BI and Azure focused Microsoft Certified Gold Partner. We help companies around the globe deploy their business processes on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform.

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