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Customer Success: Plumbing Supply Now

Magento e-commerce platform integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement (formerly CRM).

Plumbing Supply Now partnered with CloudFronts to integrate their Magento e-commerce platform with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement.

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Plumbing Supply Now – An E-commerce Company

About Plumbing Supply Now:

Plumbing Supply Now is a diverse wholesale distributor of plumbing supplies, heating supplies, pipes, valves, fittings, waterworks, thermostats, drainage, faucets, fixtures, tools and other 50,000 items from 200 brands in the US and Canada.

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Business Requirement:

The biggest challenge for Plumbing Supply Now faced was the absence of a unified single ecosystem of handling customer database and allowing the monitoring of the effectiveness of the work with leads and simultaneously, streamlining email marketing outreach to the existing customers and prospects.


Solution Delivered:

Since the client site is built on magento ecommerce platform, the CloudFronts team developed a smart integration platform which can seamlessly connect Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Magento. With this, any new customer entering or registering on will be synced back to MS Dynamics CRM as a contact or a lead. All the details of the web customer including billing address and shopping address will be available within the CRM system.

microsoft dyanmics crm and Magento integration


Marketing Campaigns – Email Marketing and Lead Nurturing

Post integration, on the sales side, they had a CRM which houses their customer and prospect data. On the marketing side, they had an email marketing tool MailChimp. These systems were usually separate and didn’t communicate with each other. This led to the client’s customer-facing teams lose out on all the potential for collaboration. The CRM integration with Magento platform enabled the email marketing tool like Mailchimp to carry out the campaigns seamlessly thereby easing their email marketing and lead nurturing activity.

“CloudFronts team developed a smart integration platform which can now seamlessly connect Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Magento drastically reducing human interventions thereby eliminating errors”

Key Features:

Key Technologies:

Key Technologies:

  • Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement

Post Go Live:


Post Go Live:

Today, Plumbing Supply Now team is receiving a 360 Degree view of the customer post-integration. This is helping them understand customer’s needs, buying patterns, order history, account info, and preferences, thereby enabling better insight to build a lasting relationship with customers. All customer details will be stored in the single CRM platform; therefore, the same data will be visible to every department and can be used for further process and planning. The email marketing process is streamlined in such a manner that it reaches the target audience and new prospects on a real-time basis without any manual updates.

Why CloudFronts? CloudFronts is a Dynamics 365, Power BI and Azure focused Microsoft Certified Gold Partner. We help companies around the globe deploy their business processes on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform.

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