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Ms Flows are not getting triggered ?

Posted On March 18, 2020 by Ankita Chavan Posted in Tagged in


Introduction : In this blog, we will see, why the Ms Flows are not getting triggered after Completion full copy of the environment.

Use Case :

It was requirement of our Project to Copy UAT environment To Dev but after Completion of full copy, None of the Flows in Power Automate were getting triggered.

We tried the below solutions :

  1. Import and Export the flows and Change the Environment  of the flows but this also failed.
  2. Created a new Flow, but this also failed.

Solution :

Go to the -> Select Environment -> Edit and

Check the Administration Mode of the Environment.

Note : The Administration mode of the Environment should be disabled.

If the administration mode is enabled, all the Asynchronous Processes will not get triggered.


Conclusion: By doing this we were able to trigger the flows.

Hope this will help you while Copying one Environment to the Other.

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