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How to Reset Environment in CRM D365


Introduction :

In this blog, we will see how to reset CRM D365 Environment.

Requirement of Client is Sales App but while installing Environment what if we installed all Apps ?

Solution :

We can reset the Environment.

In this scenario, Our client requirement is only Sales App and we have installed all Apps.

Step 1: Go to -> admin centre -> Dynamic 365

We will see that our environment is installed as Production and we don’t see option to reset the Environment.

Step 2 : Now go to -> -> Environments -> Select Environments -> Edit

and make it as Sandbox and Save it.

Once we Save, we can see Reset option.

Step 3: Then click on RESET

Step 4: When we click on the Reset, Form will be opened and we can see options to redeploy the Apps.

Select Apps we want to redeploy. In our scenario, our requirement is Sales App only , we have selected only Sales App.

Click on Reset and confirm.

Result :


Hope this helps to view only those apps which you need !

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