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How to connect Power BI to MySQL

In this blog we’ll see how to Connect Power BI to the MySQL . Before connecting to MySQL make sure you have MySQL connector install on your machine.

Follow following steps to connect to the MySQL

  1. Open Power BI Desktop and select Get Data > Database > MySQL Database. For example, if you have a local MySQL server running and can connect to it by entering “localhost” or name of local machine, enter name of database and press OK button.
  2. If you are getting error saying “DataSource.Error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.” To resolve this issue, go to File | Options and Settings | Data source settings and edit your data source and set the credentials to “Database credentials”, not Windows credentials.
  3.  You can get data from MySQL views, use the “SQL statement (optional)” and enter a SQL query.
  4. In next blog we’ll see how to connect the Power BI to MySQL if MySQL is running on the cloud.

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